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R2-D2 Custom Computer Case

R2-D2 Custom Computer Case

PC Case Modification Of Star Wars Favorite Bot - R2-D2

This great custom R2-D2 PC case modification is set to rock the worlds of all Star Wars fans. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be information regarding this particular mod, except that it could possibly have been made from the original R2 chassis.

R2D2 PC Case Mod

R2D2 PC Case Mod

The original R2-D2 chassis used in the movies was precision made to a high standard by an Australian firm called Petric Engineering. A closer look at this R2-D2 PC case reveals slight imperfections in the build quality but considering the thing looks this much like R2-D2, I don’t see many people complaining, just asking where on earth they might be able to pick one up.

R2D2 PC Case Mod RearR2D2 PC Case Mod Inside

R2D2 PC Case Mod Rear

Whether or not the creator actually wanted to keep his name quiet is unclear but one thing is for sure, he has sparked off a lot of interest regarding R2 mods. There seems to be a bunch of R2 case mods popping up here and there, and one of the better ones we found actually had some information.

Ken TGS Kirbys R2D2 PC Case Mod

Ken TGS Kirbys R2D2 PC Case Mod

This R2-D2 case was created by Ken “TGS” Kirby for ExtremeTech’s Science Fiction Case Mod Contest. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to complete the mod in time for the competition deadline so didn’t make rank, however many have reported that R2 would of certainly taken the 1st prize had it been entered.

The idea started when Ken salvaged two R2-D2 legs from an old R2-D2 Pepsi cooler. The after a long search he managed to find a white plastic barrel for R2’s body and a weber grill for R2’s head, then the chassis was ready.

Ken’s finished mod comes complete with:

  • ABIT IC7-G
  • P4 3.2Ghz w/HT @ 3.71Ghz
  • 2GB (4 x 512MB) of DDR400 RAM
  • 120GB Hard drive
  • Radeon 9800XT 256MB Graphics Card
  • Creative 7.1 surround sound
  • Asetek Vapochill Phase Change cooling @ -38C

::R2 D2 Computer Case Mod 2::R2 D2 Computer Case Mod 3::

As the trend for R2-D2 mod’s catches on and begins to grow, perhaps it won’t be long before a large company patents the idea and sets up for mass production.

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