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RAPS Remote Auxiliary Power System

RAPS Remote Auxiliary Power System

RAPS ‘bat hook’ grapples power lines to power and charge devices…

There are several devices that are able to charge your gadgets on-the-go, but what do Military Special Forces do when far from an electrical outlet? Utilize a tool inspired by Bat Man.

raps bat hook

RAPS Remote Auxiliary Power System

The Remote Auxiliary Power System (RAPS) – developed at an Air Force research lab in Dayton, Ohio – is a grappling hook that safely conducts electricity from a power line down to soldiers on the ground.

The RAPS is designed to hook over power lines, pierce the wire, and bring the electricity down to a transformer and power outlet, giving troops the ability to power devices, jump start vehicles and charge batteries, without the need for conventional power outlet.

Check out the explanatory video to see the RAPS in action.

DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! It goes without saying that throwing things over power lines is not a good idea. The RAPS should only be used by trained professionals, and anything that isn’t the RAPS, shouldn’t be thrown over a power line at all.

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