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Raytheon OXS 2 Exoskeleton

Raytheon OXS 2 Exoskeleton

Check out Raytheon’s OXS 2 exoskeleton in action – the closest thing in the world to Iron Man…

Raytheon has officially unveiled its new second generation ‘wearable robotics suit’ – the XOS 2 exoskeleton.

The XOS was first revealed around two and half years ago. Back then the original design had previously been developed for six years by a company called Sarcos. This version became known as the Energetically Autonomous Robot (WEAR). Then in 2007 Raytheon bought out Sarcos and continued modifying the design.

raytheon oxs 2 exoskeleton lifting 200 lbs

OXS 2 Exoskeleton Lifting 200 LBS

Now Raytheon’s 2nd generation XOS, unveiled during a recent event at the company’s Salt Lake City research facility, is stronger, lighter more efficient that its predecessor.

‘Designed to help with the many logistics challenges faced by the military both in and out of theater,’ Raytheon’s exoskeleton eliminates injury, repetitive strains, and other orthopedic injuries.

‘The XOS 2 does the lifting for its operator, reducing both strain and exertion. It also does the work faster.’[Raytheon]

The OXS 2 is ‘built form and array of structures, sensors, actuators and controllers, and is powered by high pressure hydraulics.’ This allows the user to repeated lift heavy objects using minimal effort and without occurring injury.

raytheon oxs 2 exoskeleton

Raytheon OXS 2 Exoskeleton

The ratio between actual and perceived weight has been greatly improved from 6:1 to 17:1. This effectively means that objects will feel 17 times lighter when wearing the robotic suit – that’s equivalent to 100 lbs weight feeling like it weighs just 6lbs.

The suit itself has dropped around 20 lbs to weigh in at 195lbs, and it’s also 50 percent more efficient.

While the demonstration shows the exoskeleton performing very against human competition, the future of the device is still unclear. Rivals Lockheed Martin is also in the testing phase of its HULC exoskeleton, a device that promises similar performance.

Both projects have received funding from DARPA, but it still unclear which version will be deployed for military use.

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