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Razer SwitchBlade Portable Gaming

Razer SwitchBlade Portable Gaming

Razer’s SwitchBlade concept promises rich 3-D graphics, HD video and customizable keys

With all the high-tech gadgetry on show at CES, you can be sure that the winner of ‘The Best of CES’ is going to kick-start a revolution (of sorts).

This year the prize went to Razer for its handheld Windows 7 gaming platform codenamed SwitchBlade.

razer switchblade portable windows 7 gaming

Razer SwtichBlade

The device, which the company hopes will bring the desktop gaming to a portable 10” form factor, sports two 7” multi-touch screens – the lower of which is covered by a layer of tactile dynamic keys.

razer switchblade windows 7 portable gaming console

Razer SwtichBlade

Thanks to the transparent keys and the touch screen situated below, each game can be configured with its own combination of keys and macros, each with their own icon.

The key configuration can be saved for each game, and can also be change with each level, depending on what the game requires.

The SwitchBlade’s specifications are still unconfirmed, however we do know that the device will be powered an Intel Atom CPU and will run Windows 7. You can also expect to see 3G and WiFi connectivity, a USB 3.0, HDMI out, headphone and mic ports.

Unfortunately the SwtichBlade is still a concept, so there’s no word on pricing or a release date. However the company is hoping to market the device, given there’s enough interest of course.

razer switchblade portable gaming 1

Razer SwitchBlade

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