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Remove Delay When Showing Hiding Dock Mac OS X Lion

Remove Delay When Showing Hiding Dock Mac OS X Lion

How To Remove The Delay When Showing And Hiding Dock In Mac OS X Lion...

Regular readers may have noticed more Mac-based articles popping up on our blog, and of course the reasoning is simple – I recently made the switch from PC to Mac, with pleasing results. So in keeping with our recent Mac tips, here’s another extremely handy time saving, space conserving tweak I recommend for any OS X user – removing the delay when showing and hiding the dock.

[Note: this tweak only works for OS Lion]

Don’t worry PC addicts, we’ll still be featuring handy tips and tricks to make your Windows computing experience better, so feel free to drop us a comment if you’re having any technical problems and we’ll try to feature an article on how to fix the most common problems that seem to arise.

how to remove delay showing hiding dock os x lion

How To Remove The Delay When Showing and Hiding the Dock

First off, you may have noticed the Dock settings in OS X’s System Preferences allow you to ‘Automatically hide and show the Dock’, when you hover over it’s ‘Position on screen’ (Left, Bottom, Right).

For anyone who likes to work with maximized windows, this feature is a great way to maximize desktop reality for your open applications. However, anyone already using this setting will have noticed it generally takes one or two seconds to show or hide the dock. Obviously this can get quite annoying, and although it’s only a second or two, those seconds add up quickly!

Fortunately you can remove the delay when showing or hiding the dock using simple terminal commands, and save yourself some time when viewing the dock.

To configure the setting, open the Terminal and type in the following command.

    defaults write autohide-delay -float 0 && killall Dock

Now when you hover over the “position’ of your dock, it should appear instantly. If for some reason you wish to revert back to the delayed dock, you can run the following code in the Terminal.

    defaults delete autohide-delay && killall Dock

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