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Fix A Worn Out Game Controller With Foil

Fix A Worn Out Game Controller With Foil

How to repair your worn out controller with foil…

Here’s a great little tip that can have you repairing your worn out controllers in no time. The fix is actually very straightforward, however you will need a torx screw driver – six point star-shaped tip – as well as a light hand and little patience.

First loosen the screws and take the controller apart – be sure not to damage any of the wire connections whilst doing this. Then simply place pieces of foil on the rubber pads where the underneath of the button meet – this will fill the space causing the lack of response in the buttons.

fix worn out game controller with foil

Fix Worn Out Controller With Foil

Image credit: Viktak, 2012.

As Lifehacker notes, you can do apply a similar method to repair an unresponsive computer keyboard spacebar key, using an orange juice carton instead of foil.

fix space bar with orange juice carotn

Fix Space Bar With Orange Juice Carton

Image Credit: LifeHacker, 2010.

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