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Snake Bot Rescue Dogs

Snake Bot Rescue Dogs

Rescue dog equipped with snake bots aid search and rescue missions…

We’ve recently featured a post on the Biorobotics Snake Bot, and of course who could forget the article about our beloved War Dogs… and what do you get if you put these two great things together? A high-tech search and rescue dog.

The idea behind the new project at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute is simple; instead of standard camera, strap a deployable snake bot to a rescue dog.

Together with researchers from Ryerson University’s Network-Centric Applied Research Team (NCART) Lab the team has now created what it’s calling the Canine Assisted Robot Deployment system.

snake bot search and rescue dog

Snake Bot Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs are great for hunting out survivors following earthquakes and other disasters, but even a dog’s ability to roam underground and through rubble is limited by its size. That’s where the Snake bot comes in.

Not only could the snake bot provide a live video feed and two-way voice communication, it can be deployed from the dog and controlled remotely to access hard to reach spaces.

Check out well-trained rescue dog Freitag trailing the system with much success.

Wearabale camera’s for war and rescue dogs is not a new concept, however the addition of a robot certainly increases the potential of find survivors in those situations. And although the system is not primarily designed for our famed war dogs, the technology has military application written all over it.

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