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Self Correcting System For Long Range High Caliber Rifles

Self Correcting System For Long Range High Caliber Rifles

A laser-guided, self correcting reticle system brings precision to high caliber rifles…

At team at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory has developed a laser-guided correction system that allows marksmen to accurately hit targets over longer distances than ever before.

The Reticle Compensating Rifle Barrel Reference Sensor, developed by Slobodan Rajic and his colleagues, measures slight disturbances in the guns barrels and then electronically aligns the reticle back to the correct position.

reticle compensating rifle barrel reference sensor

Reticle Copensating Rifle Barral Reference Sensor

Precision is critical when firing over long distances and anything that comes into contact with the barrel can cause errors. The new system gives snipers a self-correcting pin-point accuracy that was not previously possible, enabling them to take advantage of today’s modern guns that can fire up to two miles away.

The Reticle Compensating Rifle Barrel Reference Sensor uses lasers to measure the barrel deflection relative to sight, and then automatically realigns the reticle, or crosshairs with the bore axis.

Most high caliber rifles have exterior grooves, known as flutes, to reduce weight and dissipate heat. The new system places optical fibers onto the flutes, a laser diode then sends a signal beam into the optical fibers, which is split into two to measure both horizontal and vertical barrel deflection.

The system reads this data, takes in account distance and other factors that contribute to bullet trajectory, then it automatically realigns the reticle to its true position in real-time. The resolution of the ORNL system is 250 times better than traditional reticles – most reticles are normally adjusted by ¼ minutes of an angle, whereas the ORNL system can adjust in increments of 1/1,000th of minute of an angle.

Rajic and colleagues are now looking to develop a laser-based bullet tracking system that can provide information about the bullet flight path to give the shooter even better odds of a direct hit.

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