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Rifle Input Control RIC

Rifle Input Control RIC

The Rifle Input Control allows soldiers to control electronic devices directly from their weapon…

Australian Defense company Kord Defence has developed a new interface technology that enables soldiers to control systems attached to their weapons, body or helmet, without taking their finger off the trigger or their eyes off the target.

The Rifle Input Control (RIC) utilizes a technology known as Chordic Graphical User Interface (CGUI) to allow soldiers to control devices such as ’thermal weapon sights, infra-red sensors, night-aiming devices, laser range finders, radios, torches and computers.’

rifle input control austeyr rifle

Rifle Input Control

Mounted on the front of the weapon, the RICs simple interface is made up of 5 buttons, one for each finger and one for the thumb. By pressing combinations of one, or several of the 5 buttons – in a similar fashion to playing chords on a musical instrument – the solider can remotely integrated electronics.

The device weighs just 120 – 150 grams, is available in right or left handed versions, has wireless connectivity, a battery-life of 3 years, and can operated whilst wearing gloves, and in any position.

rifle input control ric

Rifle Input Control

The RIC designed for use with the Austeyr rifle, but is currently adaptable to fit the M4 carbine, MP-5 SMG and the M16.

To train soldiers, a small display mounted on the weapon depicts easy to follow diagrams until the solider can recall the chord combinations by memory.

Although this may at first seem like a handful to learn for the non-musically minded, anyone familiar with the game Guitar Hero will tell you how surprisingly quick one can pick up this form of input control.

Tests would agree. In trails conducted at the University of Canberra, the RIC out-performed conventional touch-screen and up-down select (UDS) systems by being more accurate and at least 50% faster.

They also found that ‘it took test subjects under an hour to learn 8-12 chords – enough for the functions that the individual needs,’ and that the participants ‘recalled 80-90 per cent of them correctly three months later, without any access to the controls in the meantime.’

Kord Defense are already working on body worn and in-vehicle versions that could be utilized by special forces, anti-terrorist police, intelligence surveillance operatives and VIP diplomats to control various communication devices and/or in-vehicle electronics.

The RIC was displayed at the Modern Day Marine, Quantico 28 – 30th September.

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