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The Ring Pistol Spy Gun

The Ring Pistol Spy Gun

The Smallest Killing Device Of The 1800s, Images of a Ring Pistol with 5 Shot Revolver

This intricate – perhaps impractical – five shot revolver apparently does work.

Antique Ring Pistol

Antique Ring Pistol

Produced in the 1800, the (probably French made) ring pistol is a perfect example of what was known as “la petite protectors”. The ring pistol once was one of the smallest killing devices ever developed.There doesn’t seem to be much info around regarding the practicality of the finger mounted firearm however, after a long search it appears some believe that:

“If it were fired, the smoke, flames, and noise would be considerable. The muzzle velocity would probably be so low that the powder burn would be worse than the bullet”

Ring Pistol Engravings

Ring Pistol Engravings

So may be it doesn’t classify as the most efficient killing device but considering when it was made and the craftsmanship it took to make, it certainly is an exceptional one off antique firearm. Hat’s off to the unknown creator.

Ring Pistol Initials

Ring Pistol Initials

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  1. Unfortunately this ring is a modern copy of the ” Le Petit Protector” and “Femme Fatale” 4mm & 2mm pinfire ring pistols. It was made by an american miniature gun maker in tribute to the originals. It is certainly not from the 1800’s.

  2. @ J

    Nice work J, we spent a bit of time trying to research this however it did seemed like there wasn’t much information regarding the originals or the modern copies…

    Thanks for adding to the post….would you mind sharing with us your “inside source” of information on this fantastic little firearm?


  3. nice wee pistol
    They have one of these ring pistols in a large, perhaps the largest, exhibit of miniature guns located in Klamath Falls Oregon. They will have some history for sure.

  4. Does anyone know where to get a replica of this gun, or who the American miniature gun maker is that made this one?  I have been looking for a replica – they are munitioned often enough – but it is never mentioned where to get one.  Thanks.

    • saw one on pawn stars

      • me too – and it is a 6-round not 5-round as the title states

  5. little thing aint it i wonder how the field test went

  6. Those aren’t initials, that’s a “Proof-Mark” to show that it was tested and deemed safe to fire, prob’ly with a black-powder, rim- or pin-fire round.  It appears to be a European or British mark, but my proofmark sourcebooks are at my Shop, so I’ll have to check and see.  Still waiting for the “source” on the purported American provenance, but the style and engraving look European, to me.  The “crowned eagle” on the hammer is very “Eurostyle”.  I’m assuming that the cartridge in the first photo goes to it; wonder what the actual caliber/calibre is?  If it’s metric, then it’s definitely “overseas” production.

  7. I was leaning towards Belgian, possibly British, but it turns out that the “Star over capital E” proofmark is French!  It indicates “Manufacture de l’Etat” (“State Manufacture”, if my rudimentary knowledge of French suffices).

    Of course, “copies” are known to include the copying of Proof Marks in their “reproduction” (ChiCom production is infamous for this), so it’s often difficult to impossible to be certain!

  8. ku daj sa e vort tu kuka

  9. do have any design of the ring pistol or could u tell me how completely it works

  10. what would be the cost of one of these??

  11. how do i buy a replica???

  12. i want this now at any cost

  13. Wasn’t the two headed eagle the symbol for Austria-Hungary?
    it might be from there, but i know nothing about history.

  14. Your message…This is a handmade 4 mm caliber ring gun made for wealthy patrons in the 1800’s only made in France. There were some who tried to copy the ring by making a 5 shot 5 mm caliber but it’s not the real deal like the one above. I know, I have one because I am a collector. You can still get ammo for it too but you have to order it. Pull the clip back and the pin fires the ammo. Along with the bullet it shoots a flame. The box comes with slot for gun, 6 bullets, and cleaning kit. Because they were all handmade they are different designs and there were and are not cheap.

  15. i have to say its a beautiful peice, but its obviously a six shot, it does look like the engravings are european or english in design . but i am just an amateur in this area. great peice though!!!

  16. I would LOVE for someone to make a YouTube video showing one of these in ACTION!!

  17. The last pic reads “Big Sun” in chinese…

    Just saying… it might not be french… 

  18. Your message..Could someone tell me how to get one of these? also is it classified as a pistol making the requirements over 21 to buy? 

  19. Just saw one of these being offered by the ower to a pawn shop owner for 9K. The owner went to 7K and the seller said 8.5K. The pawn shop owner declined. So it didn’t sell. It’s condition was good. An appraiser the pwan shop ownr brought in estimated the ring’s value at around 12.5K. FYI.

  20. Incidentally the ring was French, Imperial Protect. 6 shot. Real good shape.

  21. Im watching that episode of Pawn stars right now too!  The one on the show must of been made for someone with alot of franc’s as its way nicer then the one above

  22. l have one, it is a single shot percussion with french fluer de lies markings and no. 3 in a box together with brush/ramrod and shot,l do not know the value

  23. Is there any newer versions of that gun .annd how can i buy one

  24. but what is cost of it today.

    • Hi pankaj,
      since describing my antique single shot percussion french one
      l have been offered £2500 for but l am not interested in selling as they are so rare and in the original box with fittings. However, you can buy a new one which has a revolving cylinder but is boxed and does look antique and looks the part from; Peter Dyson & co Ltd, Cuckoo Lane,
      Honley, Holmfirth,Yorksrire. HD9 6AS, England.01484 661062

      Cost, not including postage is £1250.


  26. Amazing how you say it’s a 5 shot when the pic clearly shows a 6 shot.

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