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Robotic Underground Munition

Robotic Underground Munition

Underground UGV to deliver self destructing payload to underground bases...

The Weapons and Capabilities Division (RD-CXW) of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) is calling for an innovative advance in technologies that would enable the development of an air delivered Robotic Underground Munition (RUM).

The UGV would be deployed by air with the objective of burrowing underground – away from Global Positioning Satellites – navigating its way to hidden underground bases, then self destructing in a fashion comparable to a suicide bomber.

If all objectives are met, the stealthy Robotic Underground Munition will be a formidable device and payload.

Robotic Underground Munitions

Robotic Underground Munitions

The RD-CXW and DTRA are now searching for researchers with the necessary expertise to improve technologies that enable:

  • 1. Survivable underground communication systems.
  • 2. The capabilities to efficiently overcome natural and man-made obstacles.
  • 3. Robust sensors and perception.

Then will commence the next stages of development, these objectives included further research into:

  • 1. Payload and fuzing development, integration and demonstration. The payload must be compatible with in-flight and ground environments including long term storage under adverse temperature conditions, as well as all DoD insensitive munitions and other safety requirements.
  • 2. Viable passive and active defensive and offensive systems.
  • 3. Autonomous underground controls and navigation.
  • 4. Vehicle control logic to avoid, traverse, neutralize or defeat natural and man-made obstacles.
  • 5. Safe separation and accurate soft landing form an aircraft.

Finally weapon development researchers must have expertise and capability in all of the following areas:

  • 1. Robotic vehicle design and manufacture.
  • 2. Sensor integration and autonomous controls.
  • 3. Munition design and manufacture.
  • 4. Aircraft integration.
  • 5. Mission planning.

For more info on the project head on over to id=1021a87dd2c2cfcef17d34e4258ae0cd&tab=core&_cview=0 for more details.

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