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Samsung Transparent LDC

Samsung Transparent LDC

Samsung transparent LCDs on the way…

Last year Samsung starting showing off its new transparent LCD technology, and now just as 2011 comes to a close, the company says it has already started production of a 22-inch transparent display which will be available next year, and a larger 46-inch version that will follow later.

The WSXGA+ 1,680 x 1,050 res display will be available in color or black and white, and will feature a contrast ratio of 500:1. They’ll be HDMI and USB-enabled and will connect to Internet to take advantage of online media and social networks.

The first models will be aimed at retailers wanting to dramatically enhance kiosks, store windows, and billboards. Although Samsung mainly sees the technology as way to make advertising more dynamic, it also sees great potential in interactive communication for corporations and schools. Should this become the case, it won’t be too long before the technology makes into the peoples homes for the very same reason; we can’t get enough of borderless real-time interactive communication.

This clip taken at this years SID expo demonstrated the transparent LCDs doing some great stuff. Check it out to see what the front of your beer fridge could look like, or how virtual blinds could be the way to being your transparent computing experience.

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