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Stingray Water Bomb Counters IEDs

Stingray Water Bomb Counters IEDs

High pressure water destroys IEDs before they explode…

The U.S Military has a new technology to counter the threat of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) – rip ‘em suckers apart with water before they can do any harm.

The Fluid Blade Disablement Tool, otherwise known as the Stingray, uses an ultra-high-pressure water beam – that can literally slice through metal – to destroy IEDs before they explode.

The Stingray, developed by Sandia National Laboratories and manufactured by Albuquerque-based TEAM Technologies, has successfully completed field-testing and a shipment of 3,000 has already been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With IEDs being the number one threat to troops in the Middle East, the Stingray has the potential to save many lives and greatly reduce the number of injuries on the battlefield. Greg Scharrer, manager of the Energetic Systems Research Department at Sandia, explained:

“The fluid blade disablement tool will be extremely useful to defeat IEDs because it penetrates the IED extremely effectively. It’s like having a much stronger and much sharper knife….

“That allows you to have a high-speed, very precise water blade to go through and do precision type of destruction on whatever improvised explosive device it’s going up against. Immediately behind the precision water blade is a water slug, which performs a general disruption that tears everything apart,” []

The Stingray consists of a small plastic water tank, about the size of a coffee pot, which is attached to an explosive charge.
Once the device has been detonated, the shockwave propels the water through a narrow opening in the tank, creating an ultra-high-pressure blade of water.

The device also has removable legs that can be attached in various different positions so it can place in almost anywhere.
As you can see from the video above, it’s extremely powerful and highly effective.

According to Sandia the Stingray works at both short range and long distance. Paul Reynolds, TEAM Technologies’ program manager, added that is simple enough for robots to set up.

The Fluid Blade Disablement Tool was invented by Steve Todd, a mechanical and materials engineer with extensive Navy experience fighting IEDs, Chance Hughs, a retired Navy SEAL explosives expert on contract to Sandia, and mechanical engineer Juan Carlos Jakaboski in Sandia’s Energetic Systems Research Department for a National Nuclear Security Administration sponsor. []

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