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Second-Gen Microsoft Surface Preordering Now

Second-Gen Microsoft Surface Preordering Now

Microsoft Surface is back with higher specs, more accurate touch-recognition, and a much better price tag…

Microsoft has announced its second-gen Surface computer is now available for preorder in 23 countries.

The new Surface SUR40 has been made in conjunction with Samsung, and as a result the unit now sports a Samsung flat-screen panel which replaces the expensive combination of projectors used by its predecessor, it also has a more powerful CPU, new software, and new sensor technology that promises to make touch recognition more accurate.

2nd gen microsoft surface

Microsoft Surface SUR40

The new touch recognition technology, PixelSense, uses and array of 2 million sensors embedded into the display to detect visible and infrared light. The technology is powerful enough to recognize the size and shape of multiple users fingers.

The original Microsoft Surface debuted back in 2007, but failed to catch on largely due to its hefty price tag and its lagging technology.

Now thanks to the new Samsung display, as well as advancement in other hardware components, Microsoft’s new Surface SUR40 is selling for just $8,400, almost a third cheaper than the original version priced at $12,500.

With its price tag, the device will primarily be market towards businesses, however with over a $4000 reduction in price, and better performance, its likely that we’ll see more Surface tables and wall displays popping up in high-end establishments.

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