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Semi Transparent LCD Screens

Semi Transparent LCD Screens

A Semi Transparent LCD Screen Blacklit By Ambient Light

Active Inc., a Tokyo-based optical component manufacturer, is working on a transparent liquid crystal optical film as a replacement for backlit LCDs. A see-through composite LCD display works just like traditional liquid crystal displays which are transparent until you run a current through them, at which point all the crystals in the liquid align and become opaque.

Active Inc. Semi Transparent LCD Screen

Active Inc. Semi Transparent LCD Screen

I guess the difference here is that the screen is backlit by ambient light, which is a neat idea with questionable consumer practicality, but its stain-glass effect is impressive. Transparent TVs have always been a vision portrayed in the best scifi and futuristic movies such as Minority Report.

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  1. where found that screens for sales ?

  2. my friends think its fake prove them wrong hahaha

  3. fake 100%
    overlay option

  4. Nice try. Nice photoshop, or simply nice taking a picture of the background and then setting it as wallpaper. Nice.

  5. “questionable consumer practicality”

    I disagree. Semi-transparent micro-LCD integrated into glasses/goggles combined with mobile communications could provide for hands-free videophone capability. Not so scifi as it seems.

  6. I’ve been looking and they are not for sale anywhere. There aren’t any pictures at all of the screen’s back. I think is FAKE!

  7. Of course it’s fake. If you look at some of the images, it’s pretty obvious.

    Most of the images were nicely done, but that one with the tall plastic speakers next to the screen is terrible. None of cables line up right on the left side of the screen, the pillow and jacket far in the background are messed up.

  8. Most lcd screens are already transparent, you just need to remove the backlight.

  9. Ok. Well…. I have actually tried this myself. I’m not sure if these pictures are real, but this can be done. LCD is transparent depending on the pixel color. A black pixel allows zero light to pass through it… and a white pixel… allows all light to pass through it. Given this, when you remove the backlight, the same properties are in play. Except, when the pixel is white and there is no backlight you can see through it. Some people use edge lighting to help intensify this.

  10. Yes,,, already transparent,,, our only major use for transparent screens would be for mobile phones or to get rid of frames on computers and tv’s all together… i think contrast might have a part to play in this… setting the contrast can make the polarizers to not be so intense when blacking out… maybe go for a more gray matter as it will probably make screens see through,,,, this would work well wh sun glasses if it were possible.

  11. i am no expert whatsoever in dismantling screens,, but my technology professor at university told me that an LCD is actually transparent if you remove the box containing the LEDs. But judging from a few photos i found online, it didnt seem so.

    What i am looking for is a screen that i can attach to a glass wall where one can see the video when it’s on, and see through when it’s off. no projection….

    Is it possible?

  12. Ummm, where’s the table?

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