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Send Free SMS Text Msgs

Send Free SMS Text Msgs

How to send free SMS text msgs to mobile phone worldwide...

No matter where you are in the world, there is a website that can send your SMS text msgs for free. Some sites require you to sign up, some have limitations on how many msgs you can send, or which countries you can send them. However, not all of them do, and some of them even provide an inbox for you to receive SMS text msgs.

You can also send SMS text messages directly from your email account, keep reading to find out how…

Note: Some mobile carriers (especially in the US) may charge the recipient to receive your free SMS.

The Best Websites To Send Free SMS Text Msgs




Text4Free is absolutely free, you can send text msgs almost anywhere in the world.

Gizmo SMS


Gizmosms is another worldwide free sms service.



SendSMSNow is free and also works worldwide. But with a free account, you can also receive msgs to your SendSMSNow inbox.



Email2SMS can send free SMS from your PC to any GSM mobile phone in the world.



With a free account from Wadja, you can send free sms worldwide, to other wadja users or anyone you know with a cellphone.



TextBySMS lets you send free text messages online to anyones cellphone.



Txt2day can send free SMS msgs to number of providers worldwide.

Free Text Messenger


Send text messages to your friends, family or co-workers in the US, Canada and the rest of the world, with freetextmessenger.

Yahoo Messenger


The latest verion of Yahoo Messenger can also send SMS msgs. Simply use/install the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger to send a free SMS text message and receive (at a small cost) replies as well.



Internet based sms messaging solutions offering 20 free SMS text msgs per month.

Send Free SMS Using your Existing Email Account

You can also send SMS directly from your email account. Simply address your email to the person’s phone number @ carrier’s e-mail address (listed below), and the person will receive your text.

You can contact any carrier worldwide to obtain its email address.

Here is a list of mobile carriers in the U.S.:

  • Alltel: [Phone Number]
  • AT&T: [Phone Number]
  • Nextel: [Phone Number]
  • Sprint: [Phone Number]
  • T-Mobile: [Phone Number]
  • Verizon: [Phone Number]
  • Virgin Mobile: [Phone Number]

Note: All the above carriers are U.S based and will charge the recipient to receive the SMS text.

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