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SFC Jenny ND Terra Fuel-Cell

SFC Jenny ND Terra Fuel-Cell

Portable power for soldiers…

Displaying new products in portable power management, German fuel-cell manufacturer SFC Energy recently unveiled its new Jenny ND Terra power system during the Future Soldier Exhibition and Conference in Prague, Oct 14th – 16th.

Like all of SFC’s power systems, the Jenny ND Terra is based on a ‘hybrid concept of fuel cell, fuel cartridge, and battery.’ [SFC]

sfc jenny nd terra fuel cell

Jenny ND Terra Fuel Cell

The methanol-air electrochemical cells are designed to provide portable power for military vehicles to power sensors and communications devices while the engine is off, allowing electronics to be used while the vehicle is ‘silent watch’.

SFC claims its commercial systems can run for up to 4500 hours. The Jenny ND Terra has a capacity of 2,750 w and comprises of a 2.5 liter methanol tank, a power management system and a battery to help deal with peak loads. It comes housed in water tight case and weighs a total of 10.5kg.

‘The same quantity of energy in classic lead batteries or lithium-ion batteries would weigh about 90 kg and 18 kg respectively.’ [SFC Energy]

It also comes with a unique feature that utilizes two flexible snorkel tubes so the system can be buried in loose ground.

SFC has had huge success with its wearable Jenny & Power Management system, which won awards from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Wearable Power Prize for mobile power supply solutions.

The German army has already made two orders of the wearable Jenny, but the system is still in testing with U.S. Forces. Recent tests, in which the system was fired upon by small caliber weapons, disproved concerns that the fuels cells may ignite.

Finding another niche in the U.S. market, the SFC systems have quickly become popular with High-end RV owners. Equipping a mobile-home with a Jenny eliminates the need to park up at power-providing sites. It’s also much quieter than grinding diesel or petrol generators.

Production for the commercial market should bring the cost of the fuel cells down, which could make them a more attractive to the military. However the U.S. Army is still a little hesitant to use such technology as it would mean incorporating a whole new line of fuel – diesel or JP-8 cannot be used in the SFC systems.

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