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Sharp Glasses-Less 3D Smartphone

Sharp Glasses-Less 3D Smartphone

Sharp’s glasses-less 3D smartphone, the LYNX 3D SH-03C…

Official specifications and a video of Sharp’s glasses-less 3D smartphone have finally been published. The device has been a long time waiting, but details had been somewhat scarce, until now.

The LYNX 3D SH-03C is the first phone to deliver 3D technology via a ‘vertically zoned parallax barrier‘ that does not require the use of 3D Glasses. The touchscreen display measures 3.8 inch and features a resolution of 800 x 400.

sharp lynx 3d smartphone

Sharp LYNX 3D Sh-03C

2D images can be converted to 3D at the touch of button via the phone’s onboard conversion software – which means you’ll be able to convert your own photos and videos to 3D with ease.

And according to DigInfo – who translated the press release – the LYNX 3D will come preinstalled with ‘photo, video and game applications’ so the user can enjoy 3D content from the moment they purchase the phone.

Sharp will start selling the LYNX in December through Japan’s biggest mobile carrier, NTT Domoco. The Domoco Market will also provide 3D applications and content designed for the LYNX which users can buy and download.

Under the hood the LYNX 3D packs a 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU and runs Google’s Android 2.1 mobile platform – with an upgrade to 2.2 set for spring 2011. It also sports a 9.6MP CCD camera with 720p video recording, and comes in three colors: Blue, White and Black.

The LYNX 3D will also feature two Japanese specific technologies; the OneSeg digital mobile TV tuner and an e-wallet function. I’m assuming these features would either be adapted for the American market, or possibly scrapped altogether, however there’s still no official word when we can expect to see the LYNX 3D SH-03C go on sale State-side.

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