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Sikorsky X2 Helicopter

Sikorsky X2 Helicopter

Watch Sikorsky’s X2 helicopter break the world’s helicopter speed record…

Since its initial test flights back in 2008, the Sikorsky X-2 has been making some moves. Touted as one of the fastest helicopters in the world, the X-2 has recently been filmed breaking the world’s helicopter speed record by flying at 260 knots (299.2mph) – 127 mph faster than conventional helicopters.

sikorsky x2 breaks helicopter speed record

Sikorsky X2 Helicopter

The Sikorsky X-2 is able to achieve such speeds thanks to its co-axial rotors – each equipped with 4 blades – and a tail-mounted variable-pitch propeller. The X-2 is powered by the LHTEC T800 engine, which was developed to support the canceled Sikorsky/Boeing RAH-66 Comanche.

Aside from obvious advancement in speed, the X-2 incorporates other new technologies including an ‘integrated Fly-by-Wire system that allows the engine/rotor/propulsor system to operate efficiently, with full control of rotor rpm throughout the flight envelope, high lift-to-drag rigid blades, low drag hub fairings, and Active Vibration Control.’ [Sikorsky]

Known Specifications

  • Crew: 2
  • Powerplant: 1× LHTEC T800-LHT-800 turboshaft
  • Propellers: 1 six-bladed pusher-type propeller
  • Rotor: 2 four-bladed co-axial
  • Maximum speed: 260 knots[16] (299 mph, 481 km/h)
  • Cruise speed: 250 knots (287.5 mph, 460 km/h)
  • Range: 702 nmi (808 mi, 1300 km)

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  1. I LOVE this aircraft! I just got my pilot’s license for personal aircraft (prop, jet, & helicopter) & plan on purchasing one asap! To have the ability of a VTOL AND fly @ almost 300mph is simply astounding. My first trip is going to take my Dad to lunch in Nawlins @ our favorite cajun eatery & be home to take both of my parents out to supper to rave about it. -KLB

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