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Slingbox Pro Personal Internet Media Center

Slingbox Pro Personal Internet Media Center

Slingbox Pro allows you to stream your home satellite TV directly to your laptop or handheld smartphone. Watch your favorite TV Shows anywhere!

The Slingbox Pro is a fantastic new device which lets you stream videos from your home satellite TV, cable TV, TiVo or DVR, through the internet directly to your laptop, PC, iPHone, PDA or handheld smartphone securely where ever you are in world. This is a great device for those living overseas or are on deployment away from home. Don’t miss your favorite TV shows and bring popular videos with you.

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With Slingbox hooked up to your home theater system, you can access all your favorite programs, films and documentaries, anywhere you are able connect to the internet.

Slingbox Pro

Slingbox Pro

You can also control your home video devices remotely using Slingbox, this means you can browse through your Direct TV, Dish Network, and other satellite TV or cable channels, or even switch DVD’s (if you have a multi-disc DVD player) directly from your smartphone or laptop.

This concept is especially useful if you have TiVo or DVR because Slingbox lets you remotely access all its stored programs.

Sling Media designed the Slingbox Pro’s installation process well, and no networking expertise is required. A simple tutorial tells you which cables to connect and where.

Slingbox Ins and Outs

Slingbox Ins and Outs

The Slingbox Pro has four inputs:

  • HD component video (proprietary)
  • S-Video
  • RF/cable
  • Composite video

This allows you to connect your DVR; cable/satellite box (including HD-receiving models), DVD player, or even your camcorder/home security system so you can keep your eyes on what’s going on whilst you’re away. You can also toggle between these sources remotely.

To complete the setup, Slingbox connects to your home network via an Ethernet cable enabling high quality video streaming direct from you home, to anywhere in the world.

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