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Smart Bombs Precision Guided Ammunition

Smart Bombs Precision Guided Ammunition

Smart Bombs Guided Ammunitions And The New Precision Guided Small Diameter Bomb

There is no doubt about it, guided ammunitions are changing the way we fight wars. In the days of the Vietnam War, guided ammunitions had already been developed however dumb or iron bombs were still largely in use. These days many munitions have guidance systems ranging from lasers to GPS, some of these systems are even being fitted to unmanned vehicles to enable a totally autonomous attack.

Laser Guided Smart Bomb

Laser Guided Smart Bomb

Dumb bombs are what most people imagine when they think of a bomb. There is no way to control the bomb once it has been deployed, they simply fall to the ground and explode, hence the name. Needless to say hitting a target with a dumb bomb is an extremely difficult task and innocent bystanders are often caught up in the carpet bombing technique which is employed.Smart bombs are designed to guide themselves to the target. The concept of this smart weapon is certainly not new. First developed back in 1943 by the Germans, the technology would go through stages of radio-controlled and laser-guided developments before being used on a large scale. The first large-scale use of smart weapons came in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm when they were used by coalition forces against Iraq.

Raytheon Laser Guided Missle

More Information On The Air Force’s Newest Smart bomb Plus Two Videos After The Jump.

Most smart bombs work in the same way, using a control system to adjust the fins, the bombs can steer itself as it glides through the air. While the bomb is “in flight,” the sensor system and control system track the designated target on the ground. The sensor system feeds the control system the relative position of the target, and the control system processes this information and figures out how the bomb should steer toward the target.

Continuing developments in technology have given us a new generation of smarts bombs. The air force has developed a new smart weapons system which is precise, lightweight and small.

“Our job is to destroy things if need be,”says Tech Sgt. Robert Franks “But why not use as little explosive as possible? If we don’t have to destroy something, we don’t want to.”

The small diameter bomb (SDB) uses GPS to guide its way to a target within a 40 mile radius. The bomb is so small and lightweight that four bombs can be carried where only one regular size bomb would usually fit, quadrupling the payload of the plane.

The bomb also has three detonation modes. The bomb can have a delayed detonation burrowing into the ground or an object before blowing up, an early detonation where the bomb explodes just before it reaches the target and of course, the bomb will also detonate on impact if you so wish.

For specifications of over 60 missiles and guided bombs, click here>>>

Check out Discovery Channel’s video on the Air Forces newest precision guided munitions, the Small Diameter Bomb (SDB).

Check Out the video montage with some great footage of smart bombs obliterating lots of things.

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  1. could you say  who wrote this. I am doing smart bomb for history fair and i am writing an annotative bibliography.

  2. Anri Webster was the editor of this post. Feel free to site him and our Blog. Good luck with the school work!

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