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SMTP Settings For Internet Web Based Email

SMTP Settings For Internet Web Based Email

Configure Your POP3 Email Setting To Receive All Mails At One Location...

Dealing with numerous email addresses presents quite a task, one that could potentially take up hours of your precious time. But thanks to the Internet’s Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and message clients typical Post Office Protocol (POP), it makes it easy to configure all emails to be accessed through one program.

SMTP is the Internet Standard for transferring emails, electronic mail servers use this protocol to send and receive mail message. Fortunately most user-level message clients use the POP protocol to deliver message to the designated program, and most email providers allow users to configure these settings.

Once your POP settings are correctly configured, you will be able to access all your email inboxes using email clients like Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

Hotmail Email Settings

Windows Live Hotmail POP3 Settings

Before the turn of the year, users could only forward message received in Hotmail to other accounts that supported HTTP protocol.

Hotmail have now integrated POP3, enabling users to access Hotmail emails from a chosen location. Hotmail uses POP3 over SSL so your email client should support encrypted SSL connections.

  • Hotmail Incoming POP server: (Port 995)
  • Hotmail Outgoing SMTP server: (Port 25)

Yahoo Email Settings

POP3 Settings For Yahoo Mail

Through Yahoo’s POP3 settings you can receive all your mail through your favorite client.

  • Yahoo Incoming POP3 Server: (port 110)
  • Yahoo Outgoing SMTP Server: (port 25)

Gmail Email Settings

Gmail SMTP and POP Configuration

Like Hotmail, Gmail requires a client that supports encrypted SSL connections.

  • Gmail Incoming POP3 Server: (SSL enabled, port 995)
  • Gmail Outgoing SMTP Server: use the SMTP mail server address provided by your local ISP or (SSL enabled, port 465)

Lycos Email Settings

SMTP and IMAP settigns for AOL Email

The Lycos Mail Plus service uses POP3 and SMTP servers to access your inbox.

  • Lycos Mail Incoming Mail POP3 Server: (port 110)
  • Lycos Outgoing Mail SMTP Server: or use your local ISP SMTP mail server

Netscape Email Settings

Netscape POP3 Settings To Forward Emails

Netscape is another email system that uses SSL over SMTP. Netscape Internet Service also supports AOL® Communicator, Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft® Outlook Express, and other POP3 e-mail software.

  • Netscape Internet Service Incoming POP3 Server: (port 110)
  • Netscape Internet Service Outgoing SMTP Server: (port 25, using a secure SSL connection)

Tiscali Email Settings

SMTP and POP3 Settings For Tiscali Email

Tiscali also allows you to use POP3 and SMTP servers for accessing your Tiscali mailbox.

  • Tiscali Incoming POP3 Server: (port 110)
  • Tiscali Outgoing SMTP Server: use your local ISP SMTP mail server

AOL Email Settings

SMTP and IMAP settigns for AOL Email

AOL uses HTTP IMAP to access mails. To set up forwarding mails you will need to use an email client that supports the IMAP protocol. Most email clients support IMAP.

  • AOL Incoming IMAP Server: (port 143)
  • AOL Outgoing SMTP Server: or use your local ISP SMTP mail server

Freeserve Email Settings

SMTP and POP Settings For Freeserve Email

Another email service that uses POP and SMTP.

  • Freeserve Incoming POP3 Server: (port 110)
  • Freeserve Outgoing SMTP Server: use your local ISP SMTP mail server

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  1. Great page all popular email seting in one place

  2. Hello there,
    Thank you for posting all of these, although got my gmail account today and cannot load in my lycos account…? I tries the pop settings listed here althoough its not right. Anyone have any more thoughts outside of port 110?

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