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The SNES PC Case Mod

The SNES PC Case Mod

The SNES PC case mod that actually works like a SNES and a PC....

A good case mod is certainly something to be appreciated, and although some concepts might wander into the realm of ‘over-geek’, the sheer amount of time, effort and ideas that are crammed into projects like these, simply has to be admired.

This retro mod from quangDX and DuPP sees the 8.9 inch Acer Asipre One A150 netbook hacked up and delightfully rigged into the oldschool Super Nintendo.


Built on the guts of the A150, the AASNES1 sports a 1.6GHz Intel Atom Processor 1.5GBz RAM, Bluetooth, RAM , 3 USB ports, an SD card reader, VGA out, audio in and out, as well as internal speakers.

Inside The AASNES1 SNES Case Mod

The game cartridge has craftily been transformed into a DVD drive, and if you look close enough, you will see that the webcam has also been installed in front of the cartridge.

The console/computer can play SNES games via the onboard SNES emulator, and to top it off, the original SNES joypads have rewired to USB so they can be used in conjunction with emulator games.

Ins And Outs On The AASNES1

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