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Radar Upgrade For Troops Helmets

Radar Upgrade For Troops Helmets

Radar upgrade coming to U.S Army troops helmets...

The U.S. Army is seeking a helmet-mounted radar system that will warn them of lurking threats before stumbling directly upon them. United States Military

The U.S Army has plans to upgrade one of the oldest pieces of infantry armor, the helmet, into an effective tactile device by installing radar.


Know as the The Helmet Mounted Radar Systems, the program specifically calls for:

“A miniature, low power, near 360-degree field of view Moving Target Indicator (MTI) radar sensor that will alert the soldier to the whereabouts of a target out to at least 25 meters. The sensor is to be mounted, embedded, and integrated within the Advanced Combat Helmet and associated sensor suites.”

In effect, the HMRS would give soldiers ‘eyes in the back of their heads’, warning them of threats lurking out of view.

Requirement suggest the sensor should be integrated into the combat helmet and weigh less than two-and-a-half pounds, with less than a pound mounted on the helmet itself.

The system will also have to emit a low enough dose of radiated power to not affect the health of the soldiers wearing the helmets or friendlies operating nearby.

Despite the large amount of research still needed to perfect this technology, the benefits are already clear. Radar can see through all kinds of opaque combat operations by-products, like smoke, dust, and, perhaps most importantly, the dark. Radar also offers the ability to see through dense foliage and walls.

By enabling 360 vision for troops caught in these disorientating conditions, the U. S Army hopes to give soldiers a clear advantage on the battlefield.

Just how the radar will connect to the helmet is still unclear, however the U.S Army hints that the Helmet-mounted radar won’t be ready for deployment for several years, so the engineers plenty of time to iron out the wrinkles.

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