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Sony 360 Degree 3D Display

Sony 360 Degree 3D Display

Sony's 360 degree 3D display unveiled at Tokyo's Digital Content EXP0 2009, 22nd - 25th October.

Sony has unveiled its new 360 degree cylindrical 3D display. The cylindrical display can be viewed from all angles, furthermore, the user need not wear the glass usually required to see the 3D image.

Sony is keeping technical details quite for now, however we do know that the display is about 10.6-inches tall and 5.1-inches in diameter, has a resolution of 96 pixels by 128 pixels, and uses an LED light source.


Although the screen resolution may seem tiny, you don’t need glasses to view the 3D image. And with the inevitable progression in technology, it shouldn’t be too long before we see this res’ increase dramatically.

Naoya Eguchi, general manager of the photonics development department at Sony’s core device development group, hinted that a larger version would be ready sometime in 2010.

Sony has yet to comment on how it plans to push the application of its new display but says it’s considering various uses, like digital signage, or even a 3D digital photo frame for the home. Ryoji Chubachi, vice chairman of Sony, in an interview also said:

“This is a very good display for educational purposes and there are many design applications. There are so many, I’m expecting to accept many proposals from visitors.”

Sony created the objects either in 3D on a computer or by keeping them still while taking photographs from all around. As a result it’s possible to walk around the display and view each object from any angle on the horizontal plane.

As for when it might come to market, Chubachi said that for now Sony is soliciting ideas on how it might be used and then will consider future plans.

“It all depends on the application,” he said regarding commercialization. “If we can develop a good application then we’ll invest more.”

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  1. this could have a diagnostic and educational application in dentistry

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