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Sony Paper-Powered Bio-Battery

Sony Paper-Powered Bio-Battery

Sony unveils paper-powered battery…

Sony has unveiled a prototype battery that uses nothing but waste paper to get its power. The battery works by employing the same process that white ants and termites use to digest wood and covert it into energy.

For the battery to create its own energy, paper is placed in a mixture containing the cellulase enzyme, which breaks down the waste paper in glucose. The glucose is then combined with oxygen and more enzymes to convert it into hydrogen ions and electrons, which provide the fuel for the battery.

sony paper-powered bio-battery

Sony Bio-Battery

The company hails the battery as environmentally friendly as it does not use or produce and harmful chemicals or metals. The only by-products of the process are water and acid gluconolactone – a chemical commonly used in cosmetics.

Sony’s bio-battery isn’t as powerful as the batteries available on the market today, however it does provide enough juice to run an MP3 player, or a small fan as seen in the picture. It also shows that environmentally friendly batteries are a viable, and considering that this is the first prototype, its highly likely that more powerful bio-batteries will be soon to follow.

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