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Sony Wearable HMZ-T1 OLED 3DTV

Sony Wearable HMZ-T1 OLED 3DTV

Sony’s HMZ-T1 is your personal head-mounted 3DTV that projects an image equivalent to a 150 inch screen...

Sony really are delving into the world of head-mounted displays, just a few days after announcing its subtitle glasses – which superimpose the text of a given film so that deaf and hard of hearing can enjoy a movie at the cinema – comes the HMZ-T1, a wearable display that projects 720p 3DTV on a OLED screen.

sony hmz-t1 3dtv headset

Sony HMZ-T1 3DTV Headset

3D images are achieved by using two 0.7 OLED screens, a configuration that Sony says betters traditional technology which relies on frame sequential or line by line methods of displaying images with depth. The combined picture of the two small OLED displays have virtual viewing distance of up to 65 feet, and are equivalent to a 150” screen.

The reportedly comfortable headset, which weighs just 14.8 oz, can be adjusted to fit any size and comes with a built-in shade panel that blocks out the surrounding light. It also features a sleep sensor which turns of the device when not in use.

High-quality 5.1 immersive surround sound is delivered through built-in over-ear speakers, which are also said to be comfortable. And the accompanying processor unit allows any HDMI device to route its video and sound to the HMZ-T1, which means you’ll be able to play games, watch movies or connect to any PC that has an HDMI output.

sony hmz-t1 3dtv processor unit

Sony HMZ-T1 Processor Unit

The HMZ-T1 is set for release in Japan later this year and will retail with a price tag of around $800.

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