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Soundlazer Parametric Speakers Focus Audio

Soundlazer Parametric Speakers Focus Audio

Soundlazer speakers focus audio for private listening in public spaces…

New Soundlazer parametric speakers focus audio so that only those in line with the speaker can hear it, to everyone is silent.

The technology could be used in offices, workplaces and in the home to privately listen to audio whilst being in a public place, without using headphones.

soundlaser parametric speaker

Soundlazer Speaker

Developed by inventor Richard Haberkern, who is using Kickstarter to try get the product on the market, the Soundlazser speaker uses 39 piezo ultrasonic transducers to focus audio like a laser beam.

Innovators can their hands on an assembled barebones version for $175, or fork out $275 for an assembled model in a sleek aluminum casing with a stand.

Unfortunately, the technology needs refining somewhat considering that listening to the speakers at close range for longer than 10 minutes can actually damage the ear due the sound pressure, Haberkern suggests bouncing the sound off a wall if your in a small space.

But as an audiophile, I wouldn’t risk listening to anything that can damage the ears, even when working with or simply enjoying music through large club or concert sound systems I wear earplugs. Years of watching colleagues and friends suffer from hearing problems (mainly tinnitus), teaches a valuable lesson that should not be taken lightly.

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