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Spray On Antenna Promises Extended Signal Everywhere

Spray On Antenna Promises Extended Signal Everywhere

Spray-on antenna promises extended signal on any surface…

An American-based company has developed a low power spray on antenna that can that be applied to almost any surface.

The spray on antenna, developed by Chamtech Operations company specializing in “providing real time, tested, vetted solutions and training for a variety of operations” for, “corporate businesses, local, state or federal law enforcement, intelligence agency/s or critical United States Military,” consists of thousands of nano-capacitors, and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including walls, trees, plastic barrels, existing antenna towers and even surfaces underwater. It’s slim profile makes it easily concealable, and it does not use any power.

spray on antenna

Spray On Antenna

In a video presentation about the product, Sutera says:

“We have come up with a material that when you spray it on, it lays out just the right pattern and all of these little capacitors charge and discharge extremely quickly in real time and they don’t create any heat.”

The very first tests of the material proved to be twice as good as the military’s best at the time. Other tests have been able to extend the wireless range of an Rf ID chip from 5ft to 700ft; increase the signal of an iPhone 3GS by 20dbm; and transmit signal over 1 nautical mile underwater.

The material is listed on the company’s website, but prices are only available to those who take the time to call the company with genuine interest.

Ultimately Chamtech co-founder Anthony Sutera envisions a world with no wireless antenna towers, where reception is received via network of nano-painted walls. Not only with this increase the range of out wireless networks, it will also reduce energy consumption required to power current technologies.

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