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Military Grade Industrial Keyboard

Military Grade Industrial Keyboard

When you need an industrial strength keyboard, you need the Stealth KYBX-400…

Computers and electronics are notorious for their susceptibility to damage in harsh conditions. For many devices, a simple impromptu downpour can be all it takes to fry the delicate circuitry inside – not so for the Stealth KYBX-400 series of industrial strength computer keyboards.

Designed primarily for military use in harsh conditions, the Steath KYBX-400 promises to withstand the harshest ‘wet, dry and dirty environments.’


Stealth KYBX-400 Industrial Keyboard

Although the keyboard is somewhat reminiscent of the gadgetry featuring in classic 90’s Sci-Fi flicks, the specifications are certainly more modern-day.

The Stealth KYBX-400 features 71 full-travel keys with silent tactile feedback for a stealthy data-inputting experience. The keys also feature NVIS-compliant red adjustable backlighting making the device ideal for ‘military, aviation or vehicle applications night vision goggles are worn.’


NVIS-Compliant Red Adjustable Backlighting

The 38mm built-in optical trackball has a precision resolution of 800DPI and is also environmentally sealed to NEMA 4, 4X, IP65 specifications.

With all these specifications under its hood, the Stealth KYBX-400 is a device that deserves is ‘rugged’ label.

‘Stealth.Com is an ISO 9001 recognized industry leader in the development of specialized computers and peripherals for industrial and commercial markets.’

Stealth KYBX-400 Technical Specifications

  • Environmentally Sealed NEMA 4, 4X, IP65
  • Rugged Stainless Steel, Vandal Resistant
  • NVIS-compliant Red Adjustable Backlighting
  • Built-in 800DPI Sealed Optical Trackball
  • 10 Million Actuations Expected life
  • 71 Full Travel, Tactile Laser Etched Keys
  • Includes 5.75′ USB cable
  • Panelmount version also available.
  • Dimensions:(W-H-D): 14.96″ x 5.31″ x 1.41″ (380.0mm x 135mm x 36mm)

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  1. Via Joel Johnson: Sure, I'd Love a $700 Stainless Steel Stealth Military Keyboard, Gizmodo 08/01/2010.
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  1. Look similar to the Alienware TactX Keyboard and the keyboard on the Alienware M17X Gaming Laptop

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