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Nano-Paint Makes Objects Invisible To Radar

Nano-Paint Makes Objects Invisible To Radar

Stealth nano-paint can make aircraft, vessels and missiles appear almost invisible to radar…

An Israeli company has developed a new nano-paint that it claims can make objects almost invisible to radar. The paint, developed by Nanoflight, could one day be used to disguise aircraft, ground vehicles, vessels and even projectiles from the watchful eye of enemy radars.

Radar detects objects by constantly emitting electromagnetic waves. When these waves hit something they are bounced back to the radar. A signal that is constantly returned forms an outline and indicates the presence of an object.

radar image

Nano-Paint Invisible To Radar

The nanotech paint works by absorbing these electromagnetic waves and dispersing them as heat. Unfortunately the paint is not completely flawless and some waves do make it back to the radar, however the effect is sufficient enough to disrupt the waves making it near impossible to detect objects.

Eli Shaldag, a former senior Israel Air Force official and part of the military applications department of Nanoflight said:

“We are only at the beginning and are discovering new worlds every day. This is a breakthrough with the potential to change the rules of the game in the battlefield.”

When asked about the release of Nanoflight’s stealth paint, Shaldag didn’t give an expected date but was confident it would be ready for production in the near future:

“We have already completed the main development stage. We conducted a number of tests and discovered that the particles in their nanotechnology composition do significantly neutralize the ability to detect objects that have been painted with the material. We are entering the second stage, after which we will already be able to produce the material in larger quantities.”

It is also hoped that the nano-paint will have new applications in the future. Shaldag explained:

“[The] discovery of nanotechnology materials is still in its infancy, and we are decoding the secret of this technology’s power every day. We are currently working on developing an application of the material that will work with infrared so that soldiers won’t be detected on night-vision goggles.”

Nanoflight CEO Ricardo Burstein also noted that the paint may be effective in reducing pollution due to its absorption and transformation properties:

“In the future, it could be painted on sidewalks and roads in order to decrease air pollution. We are currently conducting an experiment with the City of Ramat Gan in which we are painting guardrails with the material in order to purify pollution from cars,”

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