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12 Strange USB Devices

12 Strange USB Devices

12 of the strangest USB devices ever made...

The universal serial bus has become a standard connection in the world of modern computing. Over the years we have seen an endless number of devices developed to support USB connectivity, each design more practical than the next. But when you run out of practical ideas, where to you do turn? In to the weird world of completely useless? Well, it appears that some would believe so.

Here are some of the strangest USB data storage devices to hit the stores.

1. USB Pole Dancer

When you type, she dances, what more could want from a women?

USB Pole Dancer

2. USB Missile Launcher

For just under $35 you could be the proud owner of USB missile launcher. The USB missile launcher can fire its Nerf-like projectiles more than 10 feet across the room, and has pre-recorded sound effects.

USB Missile Launcher

3. USB Crocodile Memory Stick

If you like your thumb drives cute, cuddly and bulky, then this crocodile USB flash drive is for you.

USB Crocodile Thumb Drive

4. Armageddon USB Hub

If you’d like to pretend you’re blowing up the world, at the same time as annoying people around you with loud noises, then get your hands on this Armageddon USB Hub. Push the buttons, the lights flash, and this pointless device lets out a dreadful honking noise.

Armageddon USB Hub

5. Duck Shaped Vacuum Cleaner

A USB vacuum cleaner seems slightly more practical than some of the other devices mentioned here, but why they would make it like a duck I have no idea. You can use it to keep your desk and keyboard clean.

Duck Shaped Vacuum Cleaner

6. USB Oil Burner

If working at your computer has you breaking a sweat, you can use this USB oil burner to keep the room smelling fresh.

USB Oil Burner

7. Office Fondue

Just in case you’re Fondue addictions follow you to work, you can entertain your colleagues with this USB Office Fondue set. It comes complete with fondue pot with LCD and heater, a blue FireGlow USB cable, six Fondue forks, and a recipe booklet.

Office Fondue

8. USB Massage Ball

If your office chair isn’t ergonomically designed, you may want to invest in this USB massage ball.

USB Massage Ball

9. USB Plasma Ball

A great little gadget you’d probably want as a stand-alone feature, not powered by USB.

USB Plasma Ball

10. USB Boxer

In a similar fashion to the USB pole dancer, the USB boxer jabs and punches in three different modes Auto, Manual and Keystroke.

USB Boxer

11. Heated Gloves and Slippers

If you need to keep your hands and feet warm whilst using the computer, what better way to accomplish this than these USB heating gloves and slippers?

USB Powered Heated Slippers
USB Powered Heated Gloves

12. USB Shaking Octopus

The USB Shaking Octopus provides vibrating sensations to your head through the device’s legs. It is designed to get rid of headaches or other pains in the body. The legs can be adjusted to fit the neck, waist, arms, etc..

USB Shaking Octopus

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  1. Very very interesting. The crocodile is really a good piece of innovation. Thanks to the creator.The cleaning duck too needs admiration.

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