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Highly Recyclable Bloom Laptop

Highly Recyclable Bloom Laptop

Highly-recyclable laptop allows for easy dismantling and repairs without tools…

A team of clever, eco-conscious students at Stanford University have developed a ‘highly-recyclable’ laptop dubbed the Bloom Laptop.

The concept behind the Bloom recyclable laptop is accessibility. The device can be dismantled without any tools, in less than 30 seconds, and every component inside and out can be recycled and replaced.

As team member Aaron Engal-Hall explains in the video clip, nearly all the components of a laptop can be recycled, the problem lies in getting to them – if you’ve ever tried to take a laptop apart you’ll know just how difficult it is, even with the right tools.

The modular design of the laptop allows for the keyboard and trackpad to be removed and used as a wireless peripheral. And being able to easily access and replace all the components also increases the machines lifespan.

The Bloom Laptop was designed as class project, which earned the team Autodesk’s Inventors of the Month for October.

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