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StumbleUpon The Best Page On The Web

StumbleUpon The Best Page On The Web

Overview of StumbleUpon Web Search Alternative To Google, Yahoo, Digg, ETC.

Stumble Upon is a collaborative web search tool that utilizes a growing Stumble Upon community to help you cut down on Googleing and get better directed to what you are looking for.

Developed by Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith, Justin LaFrance, and Eric Boyd, StumbleUpon helps you discover and share great websites. As you click Stumble!, we deliver high-quality pages matched to your personal preferences.

This web search tool comes in the form of a browser add-on which can be found for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

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StumbleUpon Screenshot

StumbleUpon Screenshot

How StumbleUpon Works

StumbleUpon finds a new site every time you click the ‘stumble!’ button; once you find a page that you like, you can rate the page by giving it a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down.’

The pages which StumbleUpon send your way are based on your ratings of previous pages, as well as ratings from your friends and other users with similar interests. In this way, websites with great content get recommend for the next user by real people, not heartless machines.

The StumbleUpon community is extremely large and continuing to grow. In July 2006 StumbleUpon had around 1 million users and as of December 2007, the community had grown to over 4 million. The rising number of the stumble upon community was something that eBay noticed back in May 07 when they acquired StumbleUpon for a whopping $75,000,000 (75 million) USD.

How To Use StumbleUpon

Once you add StumbleUpon to your browser you will be asked what kind of filtering options you would like. Then you’ll want to visit the tags page; once you have selected your favorite tags from the drop down menu, StumbleUpon will add them to the list of topics you want to explore.On the Update Topics page you will see a whole host of suggested categories for you to stumble, here you can check or uncheck the ones you want to see the most.StumbleUpon also suggests topics that you might like; as you rate more sites with your ‘thumbs up, thumbs down’ StumbleUpon gets a better idea of your unique interests. The more you rate the sites you like or dislike, the better StumbleUpon will work for you.

If you’re the type who is interested in anything and everything, then you don’t have to tweak your stumble account. You can simply start clicking away to discover a whole new world of brilliant websites. You can change your preferences anytime by going to the toolbar options tab.

Benefits of Using StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is so simple to use, whether you select specific topics to browse or choose to stumble the entire web, you can be sure to come across valuable content.

Using simple keywords, StumbleUpon becomes a powerful tool for any kind of research. All websites that StumbleUpon present to you have been hand-picked, rated and filtered through many eyes before getting to you, this gives you a better idea of the site’s reliability and reputation.

StumbleUpon also makes it easy to come across information that you would have never had the inclination to look for.

StumbleUpon Directory

StumbleUpon Directory

If you own a website or blog, StumbleUpon can greatly increase the traffic you receive. Once your site is listed you can start to tag and review it by using the by clicking the thumbs up on your StumbleUpon tool bar. You will then be able to categorize your website and tag what specific keywords relate to your content.

Your website will then be included in Stumble Upon’s database and will show up when other users with interests similar to your tags use the Stumble Upon toolbar to surf the internet.

Please Make Sure You Make Us One of Your First Stumbles!>>>

Stumble Upon is known for its ability to generate massive amounts of traffic to a specific webpage or website that’s been stumbled. If you just wrote a great article or created a website which offered creative and useful content, you’ll probably want to submit it to StumbleUpon as well as Digg.

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