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Aeros Pelican Variable Buoyancy Blimp

Posted on Jan 4, 2013 in 800HighTech, Military News | 0 comments

Blimps used to be an aircraft of the past but over the last decade the technology has slowly been picked back up by aviation designers....

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LEMV Blimp Makes Maiden Flight

Posted on Aug 11, 2012 in 800HighTech, Military News | 0 comments

The U.S Army’s Long Endurance Multi-intelligence Vehicle (LEMV) – an autonomous, free-flying surveillance blimp, made its maiden flight on...

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Argus One Sperm Blimp To Begin Trails At Yuma

Posted on May 7, 2011 in 800HighTech, Military News, Video | 0 comments

Around two years ago, a tadpole shaped blimp, often referred to as the sperm blimp, had been making waves amongst aviation enthusiast....

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