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Alienware WCC Humvee Tour

Posted on Sep 18, 2012 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Video | 0 comments

When it comes to ultimate gaming and ultra mobility nothing beat’s Alienware West Coast Customs built H1 Hummer. The custom Humvee is...

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Blackbird Cart Travels Into Wind Faster Than The Wind

Posted on Aug 7, 2012 in 800HighTech | 0 comments

A kitesurfer, paraglider and aerodynamicist has shown that it’s possible to travel upwind faster than the wind itself, using only the...

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STOL Plans Take Off And Land In Less Than 100ft

Posted on May 15, 2011 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Video | 0 comments

Earlier this month, May 6th, pilots from all over North America gathered at the coastal town of Valdez for the annual Fly-In & Air...

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Best Pimped Out Electronics

Posted on Feb 27, 2010 in 800HighTech, Featured Articles, Geek News, Products | 0 comments

So what would you do with a spare half million dollars? Buy one the most expensive pimped out custom electronics available, that’s what!...

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Alienware M17X Extreme Gaming Laptop

Posted on Jun 7, 2009 in 800HighTech, Featured Articles, Products, Video | 6 comments

The new Alienware M17X laptop combines brains with brawn to give you the ultimate Hi-def mobile gaming and entertainment powerhouse. With...

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Big Mess Of Wires Homemade CPU

Posted on May 29, 2009 in 800HighTech, Geek News | 0 comments

A Californian videogame developer has built his own single 8-bit CPU using 1,253 pieces of wire, 18 months of time and around $1000. The...

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Cadillac 1 Presidential Limo

Posted on Mar 14, 2009 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Random | 0 comments

Over 1 million supporters attended Barack Obama’s historic Inauguration on January 20th. Sworn in as the 44th President of the...

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Intel Core i7 Custom Computer

Posted on Mar 10, 2009 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Products | 1 comment

Create and build your own Intel Core i7 custom computer, financed with low monthly payments and zero money down. Built to your exact...

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R2-D2 DVD Projector

Posted on Mar 9, 2009 in 800HighTech, Featured Articles, Geek News, Random, Video | 0 comments

Here is a fantastic ‘geek’ custom projector you can actually buy. The highly anticipated R2-D2 Video Projector from Nikko Home...

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The M41-A Pulse Rifle

Posted on Jan 18, 2009 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Random | 0 comments

The M41-A Pulse Rifle, featured in the 1986 sci-i thriller, Aliens, is one of the world’s most famous filming props. Made from three...

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