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4 Aspects of a Paperless System You May Not Have Considered

Posted on Jan 26, 2015 in Software | 0 comments

In today’s business world, the prospect of using paper is obsolete. Nearly any aspect of business that once used printed documents...

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Sony SmartWatch

Posted on Apr 16, 2012 in 800HighTech | 0 comments

Sony has launched its new smartwatch, a touchscreen timepiece designed to display data from your smartphone, without having to pull it out...

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Congregation Builder Church Management Software

Posted on Aug 18, 2011 in Software | 1 comment

Church Management Software Delivers Intuitive Ease Of Use Congregation Builder church management software is intuitive and easy to use. It...

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Detect Computer and Email Monitoring

Posted on Aug 7, 2011 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Internet, Software | 0 comments

In the world of IT, it’s quite common for large corporations, offices and call centers to set up some kind of monitoring software to track...

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10 Simple GMail Tweaks

Posted on Aug 16, 2010 in 800HighTech, Internet, Software, Video | 0 comments

Many of us use GMail completely unaware of its features and potential. Whether this is due to a lack of technical knowledge, pure...

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Send Free SMS Text Msgs

Posted on Nov 5, 2009 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Internet, Software | 2 comments

No matter where you are in the world, there is a website that can send your SMS text msgs for free. Some sites require you to sign up,...

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Free Online Data Backup Software

Posted on Sep 21, 2009 in Geek News, Internet, Software | 0 comments

With cloud computing becoming the future of IT, online data storage is more important than ever. While many data storage solutions, backup...

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VIP Google Voice Account For US Military

Posted on Aug 3, 2009 in 800HighTech, Internet, Military News, Software | 0 comments

With Google being at the forefront of the Information Technology business, its ties with the military have inevitably grown. And now,...

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How To Block Spam

Posted on May 27, 2009 in 800HighTech, Featured Articles, Geek News, Internet, Software | 0 comments

Spam is the most invasive form of advertising on the Internet. Everyday untold amounts of Spam (in excess of several billions) are sent...

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Improve Your Online Security

Posted on Apr 26, 2009 in 800HighTech, Featured Articles, Geek News, Internet, Software | 0 comments

When it comes to online security, installing anti-virus and anti-spyware software is simply not enough, this is because many threats are...

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