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Macs Spreading Windows Viruses

Posted on May 2, 2012 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Internet, Software | 0 comments

Apple Mac’s and viruses seem to be top of the tabloids of late, and this month is no exception. Just days after Apple issued a fix for the...

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Another Trojan Targets Macs

Posted on Apr 18, 2012 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Internet, Software | 0 comments

More bad news for Mac users, yet another Trojan has been unleashed into the wild. The new virus, called Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a, infects...

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Flashback.C Trojan Virus Targets Mac OSX

Posted on Nov 16, 2011 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Internet | 0 comments

The Internet community has discovered a new Trojan virus that targets the Mac operating system by masking itself as a Flash package...

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ErrorGoblin Deciphers Error Codes

Posted on Sep 29, 2010 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Internet, Software | 0 comments

Computers are pretty intuitive, I mean, most recent models will tell you when it’s running out of power, when the storage space is getting...

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How To Use iPad As Second Monitor

Posted on Jul 18, 2010 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Software, Video | 0 comments

Apple’s new iPad is all the rage, and so are dual screen setups. That’s why some clever folks have developed an app to use your iPad as a...

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iPhone 4G Unveiled

Posted on Jun 9, 2010 in 800HighTech, Featured Articles, Geek News, Internet, Products, Video | 0 comments

So it’s finally here. After all the hype, creative PR (mistake my a**), and law suits that have become entwined to the saga, it didn’t...

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The iPhone 4G

Posted on May 16, 2010 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Internet, Random, Video | 0 comments

Well folk’s, it’s that time again when yet another device from Apple is causing a huge storm on the Internet. The saga behind the upcoming...

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iPad Vs Microwave

Posted on May 12, 2010 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Internet, Random, Video | 1 comment

Judging by the popularity of our previous “Putting things in the microwave” article, it would seem that many of our readers have...

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Video Streaming Solutions For iPhone

Posted on Feb 17, 2010 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Internet, Software, Video | 0 comments

Streaming video’s from the Internet to your iPhone – or iPod touch – is made easy with thanks to sites such as Youtube.Mobile....

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Universal Remote For iPhone

Posted on Dec 18, 2009 in 800HighTech, Geek News, Products | 0 comments

Here’s a useful gadget that transforms your iPhone into a super-versatile universal remote. The Remote attaches to the docking port...

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