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VIP Google Voice Account For US Military

Posted on Aug 3, 2009 in 800HighTech, Internet, Military News, Software | 0 comments

With Google being at the forefront of the Information Technology business, its ties with the military have inevitably grown. And now,...

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USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 Supercarrier

Posted on Jun 5, 2009 in 800HighTech, Featured Articles, Military News | 1 comment

After receiving an amazing video from a former Marine of the USS Kitty Hawk in high seas, it prompted me to create this post. The power of...

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Paralyzed Solider Finishes Marathon On Crutches

Posted on May 9, 2009 in 800HighTech, Military News | 1 comment

British soldier, Maj. Phil Packer, was told a year ago that he would never walk again, but on last Saturday, he finished the London...

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VAQ-129 Marine Corp Ball Donation

Posted on Mar 9, 2009 in 800HighTech, Military News | 0 comments

Marine Corps Ball Raffle Donation Request The Marine Corps Ball is an annual event celebrating the creation of the Marine Corps. The...

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Troops Get Beer and Pizza For Super Bowl Sunday

Posted on Jan 26, 2009 in 800HighTech, Military News | 0 comments

Super Bowl Sunday is a special day for many Americans, and this year the military are making sure 2,016 soldiers will joining the...

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US Army Collection Of Korean War Photos

Posted on Jan 10, 2009 in 800HighTech, Featured Articles, Internet, Military News | 5 comments

The U.S. Army has uploaded a gallery of Korean War combat images, offering a rare look into the history of the military presence in South...

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The Army Experience Center – Franklin Mills Mall Philadelphia

Posted on Oct 3, 2008 in 800HighTech, Military News | 4 comments

In an effort to raise the profile of the US military, a mall in Philadelphia recently became home to the first Army Experience Center. The...

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Fallen Army Ranger Soldier Gets Final Wish

Posted on Sep 7, 2008 in 800HighTech, Featured Articles, Military News | 1 comment

Army Sgt. Baum, a 1997 graduate of Smokey Hill High School in Aurora, Colorado, was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 509th Infantry...

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