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Tetra Vaal Law Enforcing Military Robot

Tetra Vaal Law Enforcing Military Robot

This great CGI presentation shows what the future of AI might look.

This great video has been gaining some attention on the Internet recently. The concept is believable and to be honest, the implications that we already created an artificial form of life aren’t far off either.

But for anyone with some tech know how, or for those who never believe any to-good-to-be-true video clip, it was never a reality, more of a great piece of CGI.

Although the human race has yet to come up with something quite so technological advanced, it is clear that in this day and age, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the computer-generated material and the real footage.

Even though the Tetra Vaal seemed a little far-fetched, I had to watch the clip a couple of times before logic got the better of my amazement! Perhaps if I hadn’t been aware of the standards of todays CGI and video editing, I may have even thought this clip was real….I’m sure some people out there did!

And although the idea of a law enforcing military robot is certainly not original, the clip is surely the best and most realistic vision on the future of artificial intelligence we have seen so far.

The video was created by the folks over at The Embassy Visual Effects Inc. and was directed by Neill Blomkamp.

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