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The Art of Audio and Video

The Art of Audio and Video

A specialized audio video solutions designed InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) to ensure that an enhanced multimedia experience.

After putting in the hardwork and time of creating your media, it is important that you capture and maintain your audience’s attention.

Those int he AV (audio video) field understand this art, and have perfected the technique for various settings. Whether you are hosting a concert, performance, business meeting, conference, or training session having the right tools and enviornment is essential.

Multimedia enhanced rooms can add an extra dimension to your media that would have otherwise gone undetected. Multimedia rooms integrate your auidence and engages them. It focuses on enhancing voice, video, graphics, and data from your presentations without taking away or distracting from your message. The focus is on the medium and not on the technology.

Multimedia Enhanced Rooms

Multimedia Room

Multimedia Room

A multimedia enhanced room is a one-stop source for all your multimedia needs. A team of certified audio video solutions experts will design, implement, and maintain a multimedia enhanced room that is designed to meed your requirments.

Cost-effective, easy to use, easy to support systems include:

  • Incorporate secure and non-secure telepresence capabilities
  • Import and display a wide variety of media inputs (e.g., cable TV, DVDs)
  • Access, manipulate, and display information that resides on local computers or remote data sources using office-standard applications such as email, an office productivity suite, or your own custom solutions

TWD Multimedia Solutions

Naval Sea Command

Naval Sea Command

TWD offers audio video solutions for multimedia enhanced rooms that will deliver a more impactful and effective presentations. With the support of robust multimedia enhancements that are hidden, you can seamlessly integrate enhanced technology into your your meeting room and thus creating multimedia enhanced room.

For more than 20 years, TWD has designed, installed or upgraded, and maintained hundreds of effective multimedia presentation centers.

TWD multimedia solutions range from all size rooms – simple to complex. Multimedia projects include those used by senior members and leaders of the executive branch of the U.S. Federal government including: Department of Homeland Security Headquarters, Naval Sea Systems Command, National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Agriculture’s Center for Food Safety and Nutrition!

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