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THX Steerable Line Array Cinema Speaker

THX Steerable Line Array Cinema Speaker

THX’s new cinema sound promise optimal listening from multiple sweet spots…

Most home theater audio systems have a single sweet spot for optimal listening, that’s why THX have designed a new home cinema speaker, the Steerable Line Array, that produces 8 adjustable, optimal listening points.

The array is around 6ft long and pack in 92 speaker drivers; 30 low-range subs, 30 mid range loud speakers, and 32 tweeters for high-range frequencies.


THX Steerable Line Array

To power all the speakers, THX designed a new, more efficient amplifier. The system matches one 100watt amp with each speaker, which only receives power when needed. The increased power efficiency makes for less heat, which in turn meant that THX could remove the bulky heat sinks and slim down the overall design.

To set up the speaker, users can map seats in the room using a wireless connection from a smartphone or laptop, but in the future, THX plans to include a feature, which automatically maps a viewer position using infrared sensors.

The speaker is expected to go sale as part of custom installations, but will eventually be licensed to other companies to feature in their TV’s and home theater systems.

No word on pricing at the moment, but you can bet your bottom dollar the custom installation won’t come cheap, the sound quality however, I’m sure is priceless.

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New HighTed-EDGE

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