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Phoenix40-A UAV Detects Life Through Walls

Phoenix40-A UAV Detects Life Through Walls

TiaLinx’s Phoenix40-A takes to the skies to detect life through wall, ceilings, and whatever stands in its way…

Last month we featured Californian-based company TiaLinx’s breath and heartbeat detecting UGV. Known as the Couger2-H, the bot proved extremely slick at detecting human presence through concrete; however its restricted maneuverability seriously limited its military application. Realizing these limitations, TiaLinx continued development of the bot and has struck back with the Phoenix40-A, a highly maneuverable UAV with the more sensitive life-detecting sensors than its predecessor.

Where the Cougar2-H comprised of the company’s Eagle5-N radar system mounted atop a more basic version of iRobot’s PackBot, Mule or Ember UGVs, the Phoenix has opted for a 6-rotar hexocopter design to take its ultra-wideband radio frequency sensors off the ground. And unlike the Cougar2-H, which had to be within several feet of a wall to detect what lies behind, the Pheonix40-A’s new sensors work from an extended range.

tialinx phoenix40-a

TiaLinx Phoenix40-A UAV

Image Credit: TiaLinx, 2011.

The Phoenix40-A UAV can be remotely controlled from the ground using a laptop and joystick; it can also fly autonomously to several different GPS points in one mission. Taking to the skies armed with sensors and video cameras for surveillance, the Phoenix can also provide floor plans and layouts of multistory buildings, and scan miles of land for unexploded ordnance.

Lacking the stealth required for covert military operations, the Cougar2-H’s only real application was as a search and rescue bot in situations when the element of surprise offers no benefit; scanning for victims in earthquakes, landslides, tsunami’s etc.

The new Phoenix40-A however, not only betters its predecessor search and rescue ability, it now has real military application too.

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