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TiGER Unmanned Aerial Grenade

TiGER Unmanned Aerial Grenade

MDBAs TiGER the unmanned aerial grenade…

MDBA has unveiled its new unmanned aerial grenade – the Tactical Grenade Enhanced Range or TiGER – at the 2010 Farnborough Air Show earlier this month.

The TiGER – designed for use by small tactical ground units to counter snipers or destroy improvised explosive devices and other targets beyond the line of sight – consists of two 40mm grenades housed in a micro UAV carrier tube, electric propellers, inflatable wings, a compresses air bottle and a battery.

The war head weighs just under 1lb and the inflatable wings have a span of 24 inches.

mdba tiger grenade

TiGER Tactical Grenade Enhanced Range

The unmanned aerial weapon can be prepared for use in less than a minute, is launched by hand, and can fly for up to two miles before delivering its payload.

The TiGER navigates between preset waypoints using GPS and transmits data back to base via its nose-mounted camera.

diamond back wing kit

Diamond Back Wing Kit

The TiGER is MBDA’s candidate for the US Army’s Lethal Miniature Aerial Munition System program.

The LMAMS is designed to provide a soldier carried, ground launched precision guided weapons system to counter Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) targets.

The TiGER is not the only new system in the MBDAs arsenal, also unveiled at the Farnborough Air show was the companies Diamond Back Wing Kit and the Saber Bomb.

saber bomd

MDBA Saber

The Diamond Back wing kit. Is a low-cost range extender for air-launched weapons, that provides maneuverability and glide characteristics.

The device is suitable for carriage on the B-1 and B-2 bombers, as well as the F-35 Joint Striker and the F-22 Raptor.

The Saber bomb is intended for use with “small and medium-size unmanned aircraft systems” required to fly on missions up to 6 hours. It incorporates a semi-active laser seeker, a 1.83kg warhead, and can provide 4.45kg or 13.6kg rocket or guide capability.

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