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The Best Battery Hacks

The Best Battery Hacks

Top Battery Hacks For To Get The Most Out Of Your Batteries...

1.Turn C Batteries Into D Batteries

Turn C Batteries Into D Batteries This great tip (courtesy of the guys over at LifeHacker), could be a lifesaver in certain situations. Because only a few electronics require D batteries, it’s highly unlikely you’ll have some spare ones lying around. So, in times of need, you can turn the slightly more common C batteries into those hard-to-find- D batteries by using a few quarters.

2.Prolong Your iPod Battery Life

Prolong Your iPod Battery Life If you haven’t updated your iPod in while, there’s a good chance the newest firmware will add some battery life. Also, it may seem obvious but by keeping the held button switched on, you’ll save power by eliminating those accidental touches that trigger the iPod and its battery.

In addition, you can get the most out of your battery by keeping the backlighting, equalizer and Sound Check features off.

3. Use Good Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries Another tip that may seem obvious is to use rechargeable batteries. Not only are they good for the environment, they’re easy on the wallet (after the initial outlay). These days rechargeable batteries can offer as good a battery life as normal, and you can always have a spare set charging ready to take over.

4. Keep Your Cameras LCD Off

Keep Your Cameras LCD Turned OffThe bright LCD on your digital camera bears a heavy burden on your battery. By keeping the screen switched off and using the view finder to snap your shots, you’ll add hours to your battery life.

5. Watch Movies From HDD Not DVD

Watch Movies From HDD Not DVD
Laptops double as great portable DVD players when on the move, that is if your battery can handle two hours revving the optical drive to read the data. By copying the movie onto your hard drive disk before hand, your laptop won’t need the battery spinning the DVD.

6. Prolong iPhone Battery Life

Prolong iPhone Battery
There are several ways to prolong the battery life of your iPhone. Top tips include keeping 3D and vibrate turned off. As well as only turning on 3G when needed.

7. Keep Your Gadgets Cool

Keep Your Electronic Gadgets CoolIt’s a good idea to try keeping your electronic gadgets cool as even the heat from your pocket can decrease the life of lithium-ion batteries. For those who don’t like the idea of wearing a cell phone on a belt clip, simply keeping your phone in your coat pocket will offer more ventilation for the device.

8. Keep Your Batteries Cool

Keep Your Batteries Cool Along the same lines, you can keep your spare batteries in the fridge to help prolong the charge. If they are rechargeable, you should keep them stored in the cool at around 50% charge.

9. Use Your Laptop Power Saving Profile

Power Saving Features - SmartSleep By using your battery saving features you get more battery life out of your laptop. If you’re using a Mac, the default settings may not have power-saving in mind, look for the SmartSleep feature to help optimize sleep and hibernation options.

If you’re using Vista, you might want to kill the Areo theme. This sleek looking GUI is a real battery drainer so if your looking for extended battery life, revert back to Windows Classic GUI.

10. Check Your Battery Life

Recalibrate Your Battery It’s not uncommon for your laptop battery to give a false reading on how much power is left. The best way to see if your battery meter s lying to you is to recalibrate your battery. To do this simply turn off all battery eating applications, put your computer to sleep and charge the battery till you know it’s full. Then run your computer,with sleep and hibernate options turned off, till the battery runs out. Charge and run your battery down once more. This should give you an indication whether or not you need a new battery.

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