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Toshiba Unveils 3DTV Without Glasses

Toshiba Unveils 3DTV Without Glasses

Toshiba unveil 3DTVs without the glasses…

A 3D viewing experience minus the glasses is not a new concept, Sharp recently unveiled its new glasses-less 3D tablet PC and Nintendo has been promising the 3DS (also rumored to be using Sharp’s new 3D tech) for some time now. But quietly beating everyone to the punch when it comes to TV’s, Toshiba has announced its line of glasses-less 3D TVs which are set for release later this year in Japan.

toshiba 3dtv without glasses

Toshiba 12GL1 and 20GL1 3DTVs

The 3DTVs will come in two sizes; the Regza 20GL1 (20” @ 1280 x 720p) and the Regza 12GL1 (12 @ 466 x 350p).

The 3D images are created by superimposing 9 different perspectives of each 2D frame to trick the brain into seeing a ‘3 dimensional impression of the image.’ To view the effect correctly, viewers must be seated two ft away from the 12 inch screen and 3 ft away for the 20 inch version.

toshiba regza 20gl1

Toshiba Regza 20GL1 3DTV

Toshiba says that the 3D images work best on small displays, hence the 12 and 20 inch display sizes.

Although Toshiba already offer larger 46 and 55 inch WX800 3DTVs (both of which require the use of polarized glasses), the company hopes its glasses-less 3D TVs will quickly become a hit among viewers who don’t want to mess around with additional glasses.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Harrison Group, 30% of 1,960 participants said they did not like the need to wear special glasses to view 3D content.

Ed Moran Director of Deloitte, the company behind the survey, said: “[glasses are a] barrier to the multitasking that consumers engage in while watching TV, including surfing the Web, reading e-mail, talking on instant message, and reading books, newspapers, and magazines.”

Because Toshiba’s 3DTV’s will initially only go on sale in Japan it’s down to consumer response to govern if and when they may be available in the U.S., but if the research is anything to go by, consumer response should be good.

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