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Toshiba Unveil No Glasses 3DTV

Toshiba Unveil No Glasses 3DTV

Toshiba unveils glassesless 3DTVs…

It’s no secret that the sales of 3DTVs have gone rather stale, still nearly everyone is on the case to try and improve what many still see as a gimmick in the world of video.

While Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and 3D glasses brand XPAND, are working together to create standardized 3D technology that allows universal 3D glasses to be used with any 3DTV, Toshiba has chosen a different path; getting rid of the glasses altogether.

Unveiled at the IFA conference in Berlin, 31st August – 5th September, 2011, Toshiba’s 55LZ2 55-inch 3DTV displays 3D images by uses lenses to direct the light into left and right channels, across nine different angles.

toshiba glasses-free 3dtv

Toshiba 55LZ2 Glasses Free 3DTV

This configuration allows viewers to see a perfect 3D picture, without the glasses, from various different seating positions in the room.

Glasses-free 3DTV is certainly not the newest tech out there, but achieving that 3D image without glasses and over multiple angles is a huge achievement.

I don’t know anyone who likes to wear 3D glasses, but I know plenty who like to watch 3D movies in theaters. And although there are still several draw backs in watching 3DTV at home – less 3D content, at higher prices – getting rid of the glasses knocks the most annoying disadvantage of the list.

The system does require a quick calibration before viewing 3D; it uses face-tracking software to detect the viewer’s positions.

The 55LZ2 has massive screen resolution of 3,840 x 2160 to enable the nine-angle viewing. It features the Toshiba Places app, a cloud-based service for things renting video and sharing, can even record digital video to an external drive connected by USB.

At the event Toshiba showed their confidence in the new technology by handing out glasses labeled with the words “bye bye” on the lenses.

bye bye 3d glasses

Good Bye 3D Glasses

The 3DTV is touted as being at the top of the company’s TV line, so expect prices to be high. Still, it doesn’t take long for prices of new technology to drop, and considering the set manages to eliminate the need for glasses whilst producing a high quality 3D images, it’s a pretty safe bet that the future will bring more models, and a lower retail prices, and Toshiba may indeed be able to say, ‘good-bye to 3D glasses.’

The 55LZ2 will be available in Germany in December, and will hopefully make its way to the States not too long after.

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