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Trojan Horse Targets Firefox

Trojan Horse Targets Firefox

A new Trojan horse is targeting Firefox by masquerading itself as add-on Greasemonkey...

With its revolutionary support for open source add-ons, Mozilla’s Firefox quickly became a well established name in Internet browsing. But, the very concept that helped Firefox become a household name is now the target of new Trojan horse virus.

According to BitDefender, the new Trojan horse has been identified as Trojan.PWS.ChromeInject.A” (the ChromeInject refers to the Chrome component of Firefox). The Trojan installs itself in the Firefox add-ons directory, masking itself as Greasemonkey.

trojan horse targets greasemonkey firefox

Trojan Horse Targets Greasemonkey Addon

Once the system is infected, the Trojan searches the victims hard drive for passwords, login details, online gaming account information, even library card numbers. The Trojan is also capable of identifying with over 100 websites, so when an infected user visits a site that the Trojan recognizes, the virus comes to life and steals any login details or passwords being used.

Users are still awaiting the complete analysis of the new Trojan. At this time it is still not clear if the Trojan is actually visible as an installed add-on, its also unclear how the virus is being transmitted. BitDefender believes that users are contracting the virus by opening attachments allowing ActiveX or JavaScript to execute in an unsafe way, or by downloading malware-ridden “codecs” in order to catch a sneak preview of 2 Girls 1 Cup 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Mozilla have confirmed that the official download of Greasemonkey, available from the companies Add-ons repository, is malware free and does not contain the new Trojan. By sticking to the official download, users can avoid the new Trojan.

BitDefender have already updated its antivirus suite to detect and remove the virus, other vendors should follow suit soon.

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