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Flashback.C Trojan Virus Targets Mac OSX

Flashback.C Trojan Virus Targets Mac OSX

How to get rid of the Flashback.C Trojan virus for Mac…

The Internet community has discovered a new Trojan virus that targets the Mac operating system by masking itself as a Flash package installer. The virus is the latest version of the Flashback Trojan for Mac – a malicious program that sent your Mac’s details off to a remote server – but the new variant is reportedly even more harmful.

The new Trojan, dubbed Flashback.C not only sends your details off to the hacker, it also disables the your Apple’s security updates by wiping the files necessary to run to the update checker.

little snitch virus and malware checker

Little Snitch

Without regular security updates your machine becomes even more vulnerable to malware, so it’s important to make sure you’re up-to-date.

The Trojan affects both Leopard and Lion operating systems. But it appears to delete itself on machines running a app called Little Snitch – a program that warns users when other pieces of software try to access the Internet.

Update: I just received the regular Adobe Flash installer update, and it immediately raised concerns. Is it fake? Should I proceed with the install?

It seems that Flashback Trojans come from fake download links on external sites. To be sure that you’re getting the real flash installer, download it directly from the Adobe website.

The Flash installer updates that regularly pops up on your computer, should be fine if you downloaded the original installer from Adobe. However, its doesn’t hurt to head on over to Adobe and download the newest update just to be sure.

Also, the original Flashback Trojan is able to bypass Little Snitch however Intego VirusBarrier X6 reportedly removes it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find out how to diagnose if you’ve been infected with the Flashback or the Flashback.C Trojan, but if you’re not sure that you’ve been downloading the original Flash Installer from the Adobe website, it might be a good idea to run these programs an find out.

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