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Make Calls On Your iPod Touch

Make Calls On Your iPod Touch

How to turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone...

The iPhone and iPod touch are almost exactly the same, except for the fact that you can make calls from your iPhone. Unfortunately, if you would like this privilege, you have to shell out an extra hundred dollars for the iPhone, and sign a two year contract with AT&T for at least $60 per month.

Make Calls On Your iPod Touch

If you already own an iPod touch but simply don’t make calls that often, it is highly unlikely that you are about the rush out and get yourself and iPhone. But, if you’ve jailbroken your iPod touch, it is possible to use it as a cell phone with the free SIP-VoIP application.

Note: This hack also works with the iPhone.
Touchmod Mic For iPod Touch
What You Will Need

  • A jailbroken iPod touch (or iPhone)
  • Touchmod Mic – iPhone headphones with mics don’t work with the iPod touch
  • The freeware SIP-VoIP application

Step1: Install SIP-VoIP

Method 1

There are two ways of installing the SIP-VoIP freeware, the first is to use the that is installed when the iPod is hacked/jailbroken. This method only works with the latest version of SIP-VoIP, 1.2.

To install the SIP-VoIP software using the, you need to add the Touchmods repository to Installer (SIP-VoIP will not be found by default).

To do this, launch the Installer and go to the ‘Sources‘ tab.

Installing VoIP On Your iPod Touch Now hit Edit – > Add, and type into the Add Source dialog.

Hit OK, and Installer will refresh the list.

Now you will see the entry labeled Touchmods. Inside you’ll see an app called Touchmods SIP-VoIP.

Tap this entry and then hit the install button to begin. (You will have to verify that you want to install this application from an “untrusted” source.)

Method 2

If you run into problems installing the latest version, you may want to try the previous version 1.1. Since you can only install version 1.2 with Installer, if will have to use this second method to install version 1.1.

To install version 1.1 of SIP-VoIP, you’ll need to first install OpenSSH through by navigating to Install -> System.

Drag And Drop To Install SIP VoIPNow you will need to use an FTP client that supports SFTP connections (like FileZilla for Windows or Cyberduck for OS X) to connect your iPod to a computer. This allows you to browse and copy files to your iPod in the same way you would access a hard drive on your computer.

To establish a connection between the device and your computer you will need to know the iPod’s IP address. You can find this by opening the Settings app, hitting the Wi-Fi button and then tapping the blue arrow next to the network you’re connected to.

Next, start up your FTP client, enter the IP address as you server, and use ‘root‘ for your username and ‘alpine‘ as your password.

Once connected, navigate to the Applications folder (just above the root folder). Now you simply drag and drop the appropriate SIP-VoIP app to the applications folder.

Once you have downloaded, unzipped, and dragged the SIP-VoIP app it to the Applications folder, you can restart your iPod and hopefully, you will see the new app.

Step2: Setting Up Your SIP-VoIP Account

Unfortunately the SIP-VoIP app doesn’t work with the most popular VoIP app Skype (it uses the SIP protocol), this means you will have to set up an account with another service such as FreeCall.

Setting Up SIP VoIPThere are many other services that support the SIP protocol, however bear in mind that some companies may be international (FreeCall included), therefore when asked for you cell phone number (to which it sends an SMS confirmation) you’ll need to include the country code.

Once installed, you are ready to set up SIP-VoIP. To do this you need to launch the app, then tap on the Settings button.

Here is where you enter your FreeCall username and password in the first two fields (other services will use the number they’ve assigned you as the username).

Then type in the field labeled SIP-Server.

There are more fields, but for FreeCall that should be all you need. Hit ‘Save‘ to save your settings.

Before you make your first call, you need to click the “connect to sip server” button. Once you are connected successfully, you can start making your calls.

Whilst this hack only supports outbound calling from your iPod Touch, it is possible to add an inbound calling function by registering your FreeCall SIP account with another service like IPKall.

This service will give you a free phone number that will ring your iPod touch. (The only catch is that you’re limited to a state of Washington area code).

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